3 Reasons why you should have a Solar Panel with your ROCKSOLAR Power Station

1. It pays for itself 

The ROCKSOLAR Solar Panel is a great way to save money long term. You can save money on electricity, you can save money by plugging your devices into your ROCKSOLAR Solar Panel. Also you charge up your ROCKSOLAR Power Station with the Solar Panel and then charge up your devices.

2. Quick, easy source of power

Just like our slogan, "Where there's sun, theres power". Anywhere there is sun you can unfold your ROCKSOLAR Solar Panel, and plug in your devices to the USB ports or charge up your ROCKSOLAR Portable Power Station. The Solar Panels combined with a Portable Power Station, give you portable power that can last for a very long time. 

3. Green Source of Power 

The ROCKSOLAR Solar Panels are a great way to use a renewable source of energy to power up your devices on a camping per say instead of using gas powered devices. Furthermore, its a one time purchase of energy instead of disposable batteries which you waste new packaging  every-time.

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