Essentials for Road Trips

First Aid Kit

A first-aid kit is an essential for a long road trip when traveling in areas far from health facilities. It will help you bandage injuries, clean woods, and take your meds when on your adventures. 

Portable Power Station

A ROCKSOLAR Portable Power Station is great to power up your devices or power your portable cooler. Furthermore, you can charge it up using your car with the included car charger. 

Tire Inflator

When you're on a long road trip its a essential to have spare tire and a tire inflator because your gonna be on long stretches of road with nothing in sight. Your gonna need to have a spare tire and an inflator if something happens. Also you can use your ROCKSOLAR power station to charge up your tire inflator. 


Portable Vacuum

When you travel for a longer distance, that makes you take a long time driving, and your vehicle  will get dirty. The darts may result from dust particles that enter the car from outside when moving at a higher speed. The dirt may also result from the snacking your in car To maintain your car clean, you will have to pack a hand vacuum.