ROCKSOLAR Portable Power Station are a must have for Camping

ROCKSOLAR portable power station are a must have for any campers. Whether its camping in your backyard or in the wilderness hours away from your home a ROCKSOLAR portable power station can take your camping trip to the next level. 

The ultimate power station bundle to take with you on a long trip would the ROCKSOLAR Nomad 400W Power Station + 100W Foldable Solar Panel + 5V LED Light Bulb Bundle. The 400W Nomad can power cooler for hours to keep your drink and food cold all day. Furthermore power your devices for numerous hours with the multiple ports. 

Also with the ROCKSOLAR 100W 12V Foldable Solar Panel Portable USB Solar Battery Charger you can recharge your Nomad so you stay charged up no matter how far you from an outlet.

Additionally, when your in your tent before fall asleep you can the ROCKSOLAR LED light to light up your tent to read a book to wind down, it can get super bright 4000K warm white light.