ROCKSOLAR: The Premier Choice for Off-Grid Portable Power Sources and Solutions

You'll often find that a company's value systems involve achieving the best business results, but at ROCKSOLAR, its innovation, growth, and enthusiasm. Its renewable energy storage solutions firm was founded in the US by battery management systems and lithium-ion engineers. 

In that vein, Shannon Godelie, ROCKSOLAR's marketing manager, says, "we have made progress and created technical cooperation with other engineers in Japan, England, China, and Germany.” 

As green power enthusiasts, their innovativeness and professionalism help them serve clients worldwide from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Over ten years of experience in lithium-ion, battery research has paid off, paving the way for ROCKSOLAR’s clean energy storage solutions. The team's vision is that lithium-ion will replace lead-acid as the standard for future battery manufacture and Portable Solar Power Station solutions. 

“Our culture involves providing solutions borne of creative ideas when utilized will improve people’s quality of life. Over 30% of ROCKSOLAR’s annual budget goes into research and development of stable quality, industrial design, safety, and reliability,” said Shannon. 

At ROCKSOLAR, the latest innovations result in elevated performance, rigid design, and exceptional quality of noiseless and fumeless portable power stations. The firm that manufactures Foldable Solar Panels believes that you can collect, use, and store infinite clean and sustainable power with the sun's availability. 

“In more and more applications, our lithium ion-based Portable Solar Power solutions are replacing lead-acid batteries, trending a new green energy wave for our planet. With increased innovation, ROCKSOLAR can meet new challenges and accept the demand for higher quality,” reiterates Shannon Godelie. 

You can rely on this company when in need of non-traditional power, guaranteed by core values that include dependent customer care, innovation, and performance.