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ROCKSOLAR Weekender Max

The ROCKSOLAR Weekender Max

May 11, 2022

Jason Pomeroy

The ROCKSOLAR Weekender Max is the exact same size as our regular Weekender, yet the Max has a bigger 30000mAh battery. The ROCKSOLAR Weekender Max has a huge battery that can charge your phone up to 7 times.                                                                                                                      



As stated, the Weekender Max just as portable with all the exact same features to power your long road trips and stay connected. The Weekender Max weighs in at just under 2 pounds so its great to put in your backpack. 

The ROCKSOLAR Weekender Max also has multiple ways to charge your devices with a variety of ports. It includes: 1*AC Output, 1*DC In/Out, 2*Quick Charge USB Ports, 2*USB 3.0 Ports and 1*USB C port. To find out more information about the Weekender Max