The power demand has risen immensely in the past decade due to urbanization and advancements in technology. Conversations about renewable and off-grid energy sources have also dominated media houses and research agencies, as different sectors look for sustainable energy sources. Amid these efforts, a group of battery engineers founded ROCKSOLAR, the company behind the famous ROCKSOLAR Portable Solar Power Station

This portable power station has transformed many sectors, especially among outdoor campers, road trip enthusiasts, home care, and disaster-hit households. There are other brands of mobile power stations, but one thing that sets apart ROCKSOLAR from other brands is using lithium batteries. Lithium batteries can be recharged hundreds of times, are more stable than other types of batteries, and have a longer life span. 

Lithium batteries are the top choice for most solar power systems, and the reasons are compelling. Firstly, these rechargeable deep cycle batteries are lightweight, making them ideal for camping and on the road activities. Secondly, lithium batteries have a higher electrical efficiency than the lead-acid ones, scoring approximately 98% efficiency against 70-85% for the latter. For this reason, lithium batteries charge faster, making them better for quick charges, such as when using Foldable Solar Panels to recharge laptops, tablets, and mobile devices on the go. 

“Our power stations use charge-efficient lithium batteries to sustain your devices for a long time. They also recharge faster than the typical lead-acid batteries, so you don’t have to worry about situations that have limited charging methods. For instance, campers report that their LifePO4 batteries are fully-charged from solar panels by mid-day. The charging is much faster than in lead-acid batteries that gain enough charge by 4 or 5 pm, “explained Shannon Godelie, Marketing Manager at ROCKSOLAR. 

Lead-acid batteries have powered generators for decades, but lately, environmentalists have raised concern over the harmful effects of their contents. After these batteries are discarded in the environment, they produce lead and sulfuric acid that contaminates groundwater. Lithium batteries have offered a more sustainable and eco-friendly power storage option because they have an insignificant effect on the environment. 

Other benefits of Lithium batteries include a longer lifespan and delivering consistent voltage despite the battery status. Solar Panels are a vital investment that keeps individuals and their households powered despite the circumstances. Whether there is a power outage due to natural calamities or a family wants to enjoy a peaceful camping weekend in the woods, all this is made possible by portable solar power stations.