Anyone interested in backpacking or hiking is familiar with the seemingly never-ending lists of essential gear to bring on any trip. These lists can already seem overwhelming to someone first getting into backpacking as a hobby, and here we are adding yet another item to your list. But hear us out; power stations and solar generators can seriously improve your camping experience without adding too much unnecessary weight or hassle to your trip.

Basically, here is how they work. Solar generators typically consist of several solar panels, which convert the energy from the sun into electricity, which charges its interior battery pack. With that battery pack, you can charge any of your gadgets, allowing you to be as off the grid as you’d like without sacrificing the safety and security of a connection to family and friends off the trail. 

Solar-generated power banks can provide impressive charge for any of your devices, as well as power up any gadget that may just need that little extra boost. They are perfect for longer trips where you wouldn’t have access to electricity for extended periods of time, because as long as there is sun, you have power! They are portable, compact, lightweight, and incredibly low-maintenance, especially when compared to gas generators. And on top of all of that, solar generators rely entirely on clean, renewable energy, so you can really be a “letter of the law” follower of the Leave No Trace guidelines.

Here are the tough facts: on average, solar generators are slightly more expensive and slightly heavier than, say, a compact battery pack that could charge the typical smartphone. And, they may take a little longer to get charge to your devices. 

However, the access to constant power provided by solar rays make these generators well worth it. Not only can they do anything the average battery pack could do, but they can do it without ever running out of battery and they can power so many more gadgets and devices on top of that. Perfect for short overnight backpacking trips, section-hiking, and thru-hiking, they truly can do it all!

Let’s get into the specifics. Our ROCKSOLAR Weekender Portable Power Station is an ultra-lightweight, compact solar generator that covers all of your basic needs. Weighing just under 2 lbs, it has the power to top off the charge on any of your devices, and it can even do it multiple times when it has a full charge powered by solar rays. It has 1 AC power output, 5 USB ports (including USB-C), and it charges 4 times faster than a traditional charge. This power station can quickly recharge your camera or your GoPro to make sure that you capture all of the incredible moments and experiences throughout your trip. It will also keep your phone’s battery full to provide you with GPS functions, or fuel your bluetooth speaker to allow you to have your music when you want it.

Another product of ours that is ideal for ultra-lightweight backpackers is the ROCKSOLAR 100W Foldable Solar Panel. This guy folds up almost entirely flat, meaning it hardly takes up any room in your already full backpack. Also fueled by solar rays, this foldable solar panel can not only directly charge your devices, but  can also charge up other power stations such as the Weekender mentioned above. Again, as long as you have sun, you have power!

What’s not to love? And, unlike many other portable solar generators, our products actually receive energy from the sun without requiring hours upon hours in the sun. They charge up fast and then can convert that energy into charge for your devices, so no need to worry about difficulty refilling its interior battery.

The possibilities truly are endless with these rechargeable solar generators, and they are a must for any avid backpacker!

The shift to solar-generated power stations has so many benefits that far outweigh the extra cost. Plus, many solar vendors (including us!) have warranties on their products, so you’ll definitely be able to find the one that works for you and fits your needs. Solar generators are quickly becoming a backpacking essential because they provide constant energy to power all of your gadgets and devices, and on top of that, because that energy is renewable and clean!