Introducing ROCKSOLAR Battery Packs

ROCKSOLAR has announced new battery packs that all sport massive batteries. 

Here some details regarding our highest end battery pack

• Service life: ROCKSOLAR LiFePO4 batteries have ultra-long service life, the cycle life can reach 3500+, and the discharge rate can reach 100%. With a 5 year warranty and a 10+ year service life this state-of-the-art battery will give you ease of mind
• Lightweight: With a sleek and lightweight design coming in at only 27.6lbs compared to standard SLA battery at over 70 pounds, coupled with the longer lifespan & higher energy density, the advantages of using a LiFePO4 battery are endless.
• BMS System: Our new Smart Battery Management System offers temperature, short circuit, over discharge, over current & over charge protection while also offering battery cell balancing.
• Applications: ROCKSOLARS LiFePO4 batteries can be used in a wide range of applications such as: RV, Marine (trolling motors, boat battery) , electric lawn mower, golf carts or even as just an emergency backup power supply and so much more!
• Off-Grid Solutions: When used with our solar panels and portable power stations, you have everything you need to for any power related situation.

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